Friday, November 11, 2016

Healing Crystals Wands, Amethyst, Clear, and Rose Quartz, by Banshren

Candles, and crystals are an essential part of our household; Both bring relaxation, charges us with energy, and also cleans our spirits. Combining both, candles and crystals, is refreshing and inspiring. While we use candles most of the times, we still have several crystals around the house that also help with the cleansing of our home’s environment. Yes, we are believers that it keeps bad intentions, vibes and related away. It is a form of protection.

When we ordered these crystals, (I, Mrs. LMRTFY) as always, did not pay much attention to the sizing. So the original idea was to carry the crystals in a pocket or purse when we left the house but these crystals are of a nice size, and are heavy enough to be noticed. The set comes with an Amethyst (purple) crystal, a clear Quartz wand, and a rose Quartz. All crystals are pointed at the top and have six sides (from top to bottom). The Amethyst is about 3 inches tall (and a bit over 3.5 inches around), the clear Quartz is the tallest of the crystals at 3.5 inches tall (and 3 inches around) and the rose Quartz is close to 3.5 inches tall (and 4 inches around). 

These crystals are absolutely stunning, the variations of each crystal are surely unique and also bring some magical allure to each of the crystals. We decided to use the crystals for decoration while being undercover protection for our home. If you are not familiar with crystals, you should know that each one needs to be charged if you are interested in using it for protection. Charging the crystals its actually pretty easy, there are different methods but the one we prefer is simply living the crystals outside, and exposed to the light of a Full Moon. A wish can also be added by writing on a piece white of paper your desires, placing it under the crystal while it charges. Next Full Moon will be a Super Moon, so we are super excited to place out our crystals to charge with so much energy. Another thing is, we also like to charge the crystals every month; It is not necessary but it is part of our ritual which works perfectly for us. Amethysts provide healing, and allow for grief to leave our surroundings. Clear Quartz are used for intensifying energies, as well as the intentions of a wish. Rose Quartz, which we find to be very popular, are used for anything related to love, and nourishment. 

All together, the quality of these crystals is simply remarkable. The trio looks beautiful, and if anything it is a gorgeous statement piece wherever you decide to place them if the ultimate goal is simple decor. We will definitely be adding more of these crystals to our household.

Disclaimer: I received this item for my impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on my experience with the product. I have no relationship with the seller. I was not paid, and there were no promises made regarding the outcome of my assessment.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Electric BBQ Grill, 1340W, by Excelvan

There are times that like any other consumer out there I buy a product and proceed to cross my fingers that it indeed works exactly as advertised. For the last four years, Mr. LMRTFY has been wanting a grill. You see, when we moved from Florida to the Midwest we did our own move, and packed all we could into a biggest rental truck available, and off we went with a six month baby boy, one dog, and two cats (who were upset at being in close proximity to our dog), all while towing away our car which was also fool of our belongings. It was a pretty exciting road trip with all sorts of ups and downs. What does the grill has to do with it? Well, we also had to do last moment sacrifices in order to get all of our belongings packed. While I said good bye to my comfortable office chair, Mr. LMRTFY had to say good bye to his pretty cool gas grill which was one of the first gifts I gave him after we married. So, for the last four years other things had taken priority in our lives, and the grill took the back burner in our list.

When I came across this grill I knew right away that Mr. LMRTFY would like it, if it worked as expected. He would be thrilled because it was electric which meant that during the winter he could use it inside the house without any issues. Granted, it was not his big gas grill but he knows we will get to it eventually. So, I went ahead and placed my order, hoping I would impress the Mr a bit while get some yummy steaks out of it.

The shipping took about a week and a half as it is not an Amazon “Prime” item but it included free shipping. The grill came in pieces which needed to be assembled. The assembly itself was pretty easy, there are instructions included with it for those that like me might get confused while putting things together. However, it does not include any tools; You will need an Allen key to assemble it correctly. The Mr. did the assembly which did not take more than 15 minutes which includes the time he spend getting the Allen key from his tool chest.

This electric grill is, “like a big George Foreman grill” according to Mr. LMRTFY, and I will agree to it. What makes the difference is that it comes with the stand that allows it to be place anywhere without any issues as long as there is an electrical outlet near. Currently, we live in a town-home , and its HOA and also the city’s ordinance say that grills cannot be placed on decks or close to the property as part of preventing fires, but this electric grill does not count, and it is perfectly fine to have on the deck if chosen. Since I’m mentioning the outdoors, let me just say that the grill cannot be left outside. If there is rain (or snow) it should be removed which might be a small inconvenience that becomes part of the routine quickly. With that said, this grill is not weatherproof.

The stand of the BBQ has a nice plastic tray that is perfect for holding spices, utensils and similar when in use. At first I was not sure if the tray would actually get any use but it does as Mr. LMRTFY uses it every time he grills. The controller of the BBQ has five different settings that allows for the adjustment of its temperature according to whatever if being cooked. The instruction booklet also helps with cooking times if needed. The grill’s surface is twenty-tree inches which is big enough for a big family, or while hosting. The first time we used the grill was during out Halloween party, and it was a big hit! Not only did it delivered, but everyone wanted to ask about it because of how easy to use it was. The die cast aluminium plate is divided into two non stick plates, a 3/4 ribbed griddle and a 1/4 flat hot plate which at first I did not think would be that useful, until I was proven wrong. It is super useful! Not only can we cook meats and everything on the grill, we can even use it to prepare outdoor breakfasts as the flat surface is perfect for eggs and pancakes!

The electrical plug can be easily removed and placed away whenever the grill is not in use which happens to be one of Mr. LMRTFY favorite features as he is always worried about safety, and our curious child. The grill also can be used as a tabletop by simply removing it from the stand and placing in on a flat surface. We have not used it as a tabletop due to Mr. LMRTFY’s safety concerns when it comes to our child but as he grows, I’m sure it will be used also as a tabletop grill. What else can I say about this awesome electrical grill? It is 1350W power operated, it is quiet, and easy to clean. Its top cover can be removed if wanted without any hassle. The grill also comes with a small metal bucket that it is installed inside the grill and under its plate that captures all the greasy without creating any messes. After every use, we remove the grill plate and clean it as we would clean any other cast iron surface; We make sure it is completely dry before storing it away as well.

Overall, I received big wifey points. We both like this grill a lot, A LOT. It has been the perfect solution to our home. When we move we will get the big outside grill but while we are at our town-home we are perfectly happy with this electric grill, and how it works. It is the right solution for those of us with limited “outside space”. It simply delivers and allows for some healthy, and delicious cooking. I have to add, that I was not even asked to review this item but we love it so much I had too. We use it at least three times a week, and we don’t see it being put away not even during the Winter.

Disclaimer: I received this item at a discount for my impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on my experience with the product. I have no relationship with the seller. I was not paid, and there were no promises made regarding the outcome of my assessment.

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