Monday, February 10, 2020

Crayola Craft Party

Let me start by saying that as an introvert, I never thought I would have so much fun preparing, and hosting Tryazon parties. For the longest time, I would read their email announcement about hosting opportunities and simply wonder about the possibilities because I would let doubt takeover. If you feel similar I would recommend to take the "risk" because it is tons of fun! Find a motivator to crack through your wall/hideout/anxiety! My mover, my force, is without any hesitation, children. I'm hoping that as I go, I will be able to break another one of my self-imposed barriers and give it a try at hosting just for adults but, baby steps!

Crayola's Party Box!

Before I go into more details of our preparation and our party, let me tell you why Crayola had 50 parties, similar to ours, going on in early February around the nation. Crayola wants/wanted to create the awareness that March is National Crafting month! How fun is just thinking of all the possibilities that crafting can bring to our homes? As hosts we hope that all of our guests took that magic we all experienced to their homes with the idea of creating their own crafting havens with their friends and family.

Crayolafied, the day of the party.
Around here, just saying Crayola seems to bring a smile to our son's face, so imagine his excitement when we surprised him with the news that we were going to be having a Crayola themed Valentine's day party. He had so many ideas, and so much enthusiasm that it got us all pumped during the planning stages of our party. The first thing on the list: the invite! Yes, I love creating invites...
It was important to make sure everyone understood that their whole family was invited, that is the reason why it says, "Creative Family Party" because Crayola is ageless fun!
Once again, and following Tryazon's recommendations, I included the optional announcement of "bring your favorite snacks". I cannot stress how useful I find this little statement, especially when hosting for children. Why? Because no one knows a child better than their own parents, so while we have plenty of snacks to try, this suggestion helps make sure that there will be something at the snack area that every child will like. I like to think of it as #NoPickyEaterLeftBehind! The snacks area had something for everyone, just to mention a few of the goodies: chips (even Keto friendly ones!), fish crackers, homemade (delicious!) cookies, fruits, veggies, and Valentine's themed macaroons.

Our snacks area!
Ugh, food, it always derails my train of though, so let's get back on it. Preparations for our Crayola party were a lot of fun. We kept adding extra goodies to our original party box in efforts to make sure that everyone had something to try out, something to play with, something to simply be creative and explore. For those 3 weeks our eyes were opened to all the Crayola things that surround us. It was eye opening to see that Crayola is no longer just a children's thing! There are adult art kits, canvases. house paintings, and even gummies. I'm sure that I will find more stuff that I was not aware of now that we have been "Crayolafied"! Tip: Check your dollar store for some cool and inexpensive Crayola goodies!
Dollar store find! Scroll to the end bottom for more dollar store Crayola finds!
Deciding on our guest was easy yet nerve-racking. We, my husband and I, knew we wanted to invite our peers from the local Facebook homeschooling group. It was something important because we wanted to finally open that door that at times seems so intimidating. Why intimidating? Because everyone has their own way of approaching homeschooling which can feel a bit isolating at times. So, after a boost of mom-bravery, I posted an open invitation on the group's page and then waited, like a teenager by the phone for replies. Guess what? It worked! We got some replies, and we were set for our Crayola party! We also invited other non-homeschoolers, and if anyone was to ask, I think it was the perfect mix!

Some of our Crayola inspired artists!

The Crayola display was set up by zones, in order to have everything that someone would need for a particular craft. For example, whoever wanted to paint, had canvases, paints, small palette trays, cups for water and the brushes. I believe it kept everything in order as after one glance everyone knew exactly where to go for what they needed. One of my favorite finds during the preparation of the party was, without a doubt, the Crayola Desk Organizing set! Super cute, and multi-functional; it will be used at our crafting area in the house.

Setup details!
Painting "station".
Having a house full of curious little minds ready to be creative was awesome! It was so refreshing to see all of them having fun, mingling, and forgetting about electronics. And let me add, that all adults were invested in the moment as well. Everyone was hands on helping, mingling and creating. It felt like we had all been together before, there were no strangers! Thank you, Crayola and Tryazon for this amazing opportunity!

Some of our super cute, creative and talented guests! (Thank you!)
Before going home, everyone was able to get some art goodies to take with them to keep all of those creative juices flowing at their own time and space! On their way out, every family received acrylic paints, watercolor paints, markers, brushes, and a group hug from an over the Moon with excitement child who cannot wait to have another party so all his new friends can come over! We might start Crayola parties for upcoming celebrations throughout the year, that is how much enjoyment this one has brought to us. Our son has already requested visiting the Crayola Experience at Mall of America for his upcoming birthday, and he consider it: done!

Crayola Experience at MOA - Minnesota
"Tell us about yourself" notes, and dough shape cutters!

 Dollar store goodies!

Crayola desk set! Without a doubt my favorite find while preparing for the party! 
More crafting station details!

 More Snacks!

More details of the display stations!

We cannot wait for the next one!