Monday, January 27, 2020

We are hosting again!

Guess what?! We have been chosen once again to host a Tryazon party! This time we will be partying to the creative flow of Crayola. Needless to say that we are all beyond excited about this opportunity, and cannot wait to have an evening of laughter, creativity and friends at our house. We love Crayola!

Our notification email. Thanks, Tryazon!
There will be 50 Crayola parties happening in the nation celebrating creativity as an early start and reminder that March is National Craft Month. In addition, we decided to add the Valentine's flare to ours! Here is our invite: 

Our invite!

As if we needed any more excitement, we already received our Crayola Create it Yourself Party Box and it has all kinds of products to play and create with! 

Crayola Create it Yourself Party Box
Plus, we have been adding more. I want to go into details but... We need to keep some surprises for our guests! No worries, I will share it all in an upcoming entry. 

Some additional Crayola goodies!

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