Sunday, July 16, 2017

Moscow Mule Copper Mug, by Knooop

Anyone who enjoys cool/cold beverages needs to own a Moscow Mule Copper mug. Many years ago, I was told that if I like chilled drinks I needed to give this style of mugs a try, and they were right. I was instantly hooked on copper drink-ware after my first experience with it. We use it for everything around here, from adult beverages to a simple cold cup of milk.

This copper mug arrived nicely wrapped, inside a box which makes it a perfect gifting option. The mug is made out of food grade copper so it is completely safe, on top of looking beautiful. Its copper has been hammered which I really like as it gives it a somewhat vintage look. Under good care, this mug should last forever and still retain its pristine looks. We always clean our copper drink-ware after every use, simple soapy water will do the trick. Do NOT clean using a dishwasher, just remember that. If the mug needs heavier cleaning just use vinegar (or lemon juice) and rub until it looks shiny again, the process might take a few repetitions but it will look like new once it's done. The craftsmanship of this mug is of quality, I would (and I do!) recommend it.

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Moscow Mule Copper Mug, by Knooop

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