Friday, December 2, 2016

Fast Wireless Charger QI Charging Stand by GOLDFOX

Here is my confession, it is December and I still have not returned my explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Yes, I love the cheap thrill of having this phone (I love Sia as well, ha!). I’m a creature of comfort, I strongly dislike drastic changes. I held on to my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which for the last 6 months would not even hold its charge for more than 1 hour, just so I could get my Note 7. It has been several months of its recall. In fact, I had a first generation Note 7 which indeed was getting uncomfortably hot while charging. The phone’s first recall was released 12 hours after I got mine but I held on to it and two weeks later I exchanged it for the “secure” Note 7 which turned out to be not that secure for some prompting a new and final recall of the Note 7. Yet, here I am with my amazing phone, even after Samsung pushed it highly annoying “This phone has been recalled” display every time the phone is place to charge or every single time I unlock the screen. Oh, yes, and now it can only hold 60% of its charge capacity because of an update pushed by Samsung.... I know, I will simply have to give it up, downgrade to some other phone until the Note 8 is released on 2017. I’m slowly trying to work up my courage to go back into the phone market and pick the best out of the ‘no Note 7” out there. If you are curious, I’m eyeing the Google Pixel.

Anyways... How have I manage not to blow up my phone? Easy. Wireless charging. My Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will not get hot whatsoever when I use a wireless charger, and because of it (and that 60% limit charge annoyance) I have several wireless chargers around the house. While every charger does the trick of charging the phone without getting it hot, there is one in particular, Fast Charge by Goldfox, that is my favorite hands down.

The Goldfox charger has a particular feature that my other wireless chargers lack. At the back of the charger’s stand there is a slider that allows me to adjust the charger part to the height of my phone. Since its like a display stand, my phone begins charging as soon as I lay it on the charger. Finally, no more guessing and waiting for any indicator light to turn in before I can walk away which is what happens with the other chargers. This charger still has an indicator but placing the phone to charge is a breeze.


Lastly, an additional cool thing about this charger is that I can watch my Netflix while the phone chargers, and I don’t even need to use an additional stand as this fast charger works perfectly as a stand for my phone. Its stylish, easy to use, and charges the phone as I expected when I ordered it. It does not get hot... Yes, my days as a Note 7 user are coming to an end as Samsung has started powering down the devices in other countries (they did the same with the 60% charge limit before dropping it on USA users) but until then, this is my go to charger for my phone and I’m sure also for whatever other phone I replace it with.

Disclaimer: I received this item for my impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on my experience with the product. I have no relationship with the seller. I was not paid, and there were no promises made regarding the outcome of my assessment.

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