Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fidget Cube by Kidoba

We love doing family road trips to explore the area; The only issue that arises from time to time is a somewhat impatient little guy. Our four year old loves the adventure but he just finds getting there a bit boring at times. We have tried several distractions but eventually all seemed to get old quickly.

While browsing, we came across a fidget cube. Being honest, we had no clear idea of what it was but we figured out it was worth a try for those a bit longer car rides. Little did we know that Mr. LMRTFY would also find this little cube very useful. Actually, he is using it more, in a daily basis, than our intended target of our son playing with it every now and then. It turns out it helps Mr. LMRTFY with his concentration while working, and with anxieties during other activities.

If you are like we were, wondering what exactly is a “fidget cube”, let us tell you the little we know about it. It is a small cube with five of its side providing something different to fidget with... One side allows for a nice, comfortable grip of it from a thumb, while the others have a switch (exactly like the ones on the wall), scrolling wheels, a push down button, a smooth scroll area, a metal ball to roll, and a five set of buttons. There is something for everyone, if not the perfect combination for those who need to be doing several things at a time in order to concentrate. The cube is made out of durable plastic, with only the rolling ball being a different material. It is small which makes it perfect for tiny hands, or to simply have in a pocket (as Mr. LMRTFY does) when on the go.

Needless to say, we are fans of the fidget cube as it allows for concentration and controls anxieties. We will probably will have to buy a second one for our original purpose, as Mr. LMRTFY seems to have taken a big liking to the cube.

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Fidget Cube by Kidoba

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