Thursday, March 24, 2016

Paper Flowers Garland Hairband, 9 pack (Hair Accessories)

I fell in love with the photo of these beautiful paper flowers headbands, and immediately thought about using it as props for my photography business. But once the bands arrived, I knew I had to keep at least one or two for my persona l use. I kept the purple and the pink headbands, and to be honest I’m seriously thinking of keeping the yellow as well. There are 9 different colors, and if I keep thinking about it I will end up keeping them all.

Each headband has 5 paper flowers glued to it, and a vine with leafs that intertwines from one end to the other. Be aware, there was excess of glue in half of my bands, but nothing I couldn’t remove and trim. Also some of the paper flowers were almost crushed, I tried but there seems to be no way to make them look non squished but unless you are extra picky, it will be completely fine. I have to pay attention to those details because I want my clients to have absolutely the best, and it would save me editing time. The colors are fun, vibrant, and cute. I can see younger girls being able to wear this headbands in a daily basis. In the other hand, I will be wearing mine for special occasions as it seems too ‘look at me”, and that is not my personality. There are 9 bands (baby pink, pink, baby blue, blue, yellow, white, purple and red.

Overall, these Gellwhu’s headbands are adorable, very girly, and stylish. It provides 9 colors with endless possibilities when it comes to pairing with clothes. The headbands wont move once you place them, at least that is my case. I would recommend it to others because the variety of the pack is difficult to find together at this price. Even with its imperfections, this set looks great.


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