Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Colorful Rainbow Water Beads Mix, 8 oz, by PLUR

Our toddler is fascinated by these water beads, in fact this is our second bag of PLUR water beads in just 6 months. He loves watching the beads expands in the water. We add a bit of water and when it's all gone he adds more to see the beads growth. He also uses the grown beads while playing which is always fun to watch. The beads become balls for the LEGO figurines or rocks that his trucks move around. It truly helps expands his out of the box thinking which we always encourage. Its possibilities of fun are simply endless.

These 8 ounces rainbow mix of water beads come in a resealable bag, and are also reusable. The more water you add the bigger the little pellets grow up. Once the beads are not consider a toy any longer, I use them for vases around the house as decor. The beads reduce their size as time goes by (yes, it goes back to their original size!) but just by adding water it grows again. But what we love about PLUR water beads is that the beads are non toxic which is the most important thing since my toddler loves to use it during his play time. When asked what should we tell others about the water beads, he simply reply, “That it is so much fun!”

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