Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Infinity Forever" Necklace by J.NINA

This is such an enchanting and delicate piece. It is so much beautiful than the photos could show. It Swarovski Crystals refracts the light charmingly. I had been wanting an infinity pendant for a while but I did not want to break the bank for a nice one; This necklace sure accomplishes what I had envisioned: affordable yet graceful. The pendant itself is part of the chain which helps keep it in its place at all times, and prevents it from getting tangled with my hair. The necklace has an adjustable chain that allows me to decide its length, also its clasp is easy on my fingers.

The necklace comes in a nice quality gift or keepsake box. I love my J.Nina jewelry because it does not show any signs of tarnishing even after constant use. Definitely, one of my favorite necklaces to wear because I can wear it no matter the style of clothes as it looks gorgeous with a nice dress or simply while wearing some casual jeans.

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"Infinity Forever" Necklace by J.NINA

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