Friday, May 19, 2017

Wooden Japanese Chopsticks, Set of Five, by Youmi

When our son was about three years old he could manage chopsticks quite nicely, perhaps because he was not thinking about its mechanics so much. Now, he is five years old, obsessed with perfection, and self conscious when he attempts to use chopsticks in public. This set of Youmi Japanese chopsticks has been perfect to help him figure out the dynamics of holding the chopsticks without anyone around to “look at him”. He loves rice, so the chopsticks will get plenty of practice and use from him.

The Youmi chopstick gift set comes in a nice box ready to be gifted. It has five pairs of (Jujube) wood chopstick sets; Each stick has a cute five petal flower (looks like little golden hearts!) stamped on. The chopsticks’ have a smooth surface which is great when it comes to cleaning. The overall quality of the set is quite impressive, at least I did not expect it to be so nice which is an awesome surprise.

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 Wooden Japanese Chopsticks, Set of Five, by Youmi

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