Monday, May 8, 2017

Makeup Bags and Travel Case, set of 3, by Zhoma

One of the biggest problems that at least I encounter when ordering online has to be related to the actual color of the items. I know it is based on lighting, cameras, resolutions and monitors but I have to mention that this set of makeup bags and travel case is exactly as pictured which I definitely love. It is a faded mint green color. I'm so pleased with it as it is the color I wanted but as with everything was not a sure bet that I would receive.

The set has three good sized bags, bigger than what I had anticipated. I like the feel of its material, and its cute design. The smallest bag has a round (more like oval) zipper area, and its approximate size is 5” per 6.5”. The outside is cover completely by fabric while the inside has a cleanable protective layer. The medium bag has a rectangle shape to it, and is about 6” by 8.3”, perfect size for my handbag. It is also covered by fabric on its outside, and the inside has the cleanable layer. The bigger bag (travel case) is a transparent vinyl/plastic with mint green trims around it and the zipper has a star as its pull. Its size is about 10” by 7.5”. This bag would be great for anyone who needs transparent bags for work. The three bags I sampled have sturdy, good quality silver color zippers that are easy to use.

My favorite bag of the three has to be the transparent one (the travel case) as I can locate whatever I need quicker without having to keep browsing or removing things from it. Its ample space also allows me to have brushes in it without any issues due to their size. Overall, it is a good quality set of beautiful makeup bags. Zhoma has a variety of prints, styles and colors, so check them out.

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