Saturday, June 11, 2016

Squeezable Mushroom LED Night Light by HJIAN

This squeezable LED night lamp has been a hit with our toddler, he loves to tap on it and see how it comes back up. Its top if made out soft silicone with a base that resembles bamboo. It is easy to operate; Just press the silver button on the base to turn it on. Once its on it will rotate through all the different colors in a gentle pattern but a single steady color can be selected by pressing the silver button until that desire color shows. Also, if the silver button is press for a few seconds a small (tiny!) blue light will turn right on top of the button that will indicate for how long the timer has been set; There are three tiny lights the bottom one is the timer for 10 minutes, the middle is for 30 minutes, and the top one is for 60 minutes. If fully charge, the lamp has a battery that can last up to 8 hours. A long press of the silver button will turn the lamp off. The lamp comes with its USB cable for charging.

The lamp is lightweight, and perfect for a nursery or a toddler room as it creates a relaxed ambient. We like it because due to the materials it is very difficult to break which gives us peace of mind knowing that it is in our toddler’s bedroom. Our son loves to squish the silicone down and slowly see it raise as it circulates through the different colors. It relaxes him, and also gets him to sleep faster without him noticing it.

Overall, we are happy with this lamp as it is an upgrade to our previous mushroom that is battery operated only. It allows our son to relax, and he can have it on all night long without any issues as it can be recharged. Plus, we like to just squeeze the lamp as much as he does.

Disclosure: I received this item at a deducted price in exchange for my sincere, and impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on mine, and my family’s experiences with the product. I have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of my review.


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