Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ultra Quiet Portable Dehumidifier by Xtech *Updated*

The Xtech Ultra Quiet Portable Mini Dehumidifier is perfect for small areas, it has a 16 ounces water tank that should be supervise and removed periodically. The dehumidifier will stop working when the water reaches the top and a red light indicator will alert about it. We like this feature a lot as it eliminates us having to be constantly removing the water tank to check how full it is if we are just on the go. We use it downstairs were is always humid, and it has help reduce the moisture smell we dislike so much. It has also improved the quality of breathable air, no more runny noises.

This machine is relatively quiet, I will describe the sound as a white noise that eventually is completely ignored as it becomes part of the environment noise. Its compact size makes it perfect for walking closets or bathrooms. It also makes it conveniently portable, so it can be use in different parts of the house without much of a hassle for transporting it. The dehumidifier is super simple to use as it only has an off and on button, there are no controls to mess with.

Overall, we are surprise by how much water it drains from the air. It has bettered our air quality. The machine is easy to take care off, simply remove the water in the tank periodically to keep the machine working at its best. The water tank is easy to remove, no messes. We used to depend on what we call throw away tanks that depend on silica packets to collect the moisture which were effective but costly in the long wrong. We tested the Xtech Mini Dehumidifier, and are highly impressed by it.

Disclosure: We received this item in exchange for our sincere, and impartial testing, and assessment. Our opinion is always based on our family’s experiences with the product. We have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of our test and review.

*UPDATE* 07.26.16
After about three weeks of use, the power supply of this mini dehumidifier melted. Its inside melted to the point that it is visible on the outside casing of it. Again, it was a great dehumidifier until this happened. We are no longer able to use the machine. 


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