Thursday, June 23, 2016

Stainless Steel Carafe by Hiware

The looks of this Stainless Steel carafe are stunning, it looks very elegant and expensive. It is double walled, and its canister’s exterior is made out of Stainless Steel while its handle and screw on lid are made out of plastic. Its capability is 64 ounces. We got it for when we have guests over but it would be a nice addition to an office or a more professional environment. It has a button that is easy to press down for its content to be poured. I haven’t had any issues with it keeping the coffee hot. It is very easy to wash, I wash it by hand after every use.

Overall, I love how it looks. It keeps our coffee hot for the few hours we have used it for without any problems. My only concern is its handle; It seems a bit flimsy for the weight of the carafe when its being used and full of coffee. Other than that, its a sleek very clean looking design.


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