Monday, June 6, 2016

3 Bamboo Cutting Boards with Cheese Knife Bonus by My Best Kitchen

This is a beautiful set of bamboo cutting board of different sizes with a bonus of a cheese slicing knife. The boards are aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, and flawless. The boards are small (7.9 x 5.9 inches, without a handle), medium (11 x 8.5 inches) and large (13 x 9.5 inches). I’m a big fan of bamboo boards because of the natural antibacterial quality of that bamboo offers. It looks much better than plastic, and it is friendlier than acrylic boards. I love the variety of the sizes because it can be used in pretty much any situation in the kitchen, and even as a tray when we have guests over. The cheese knife is a full tang made out of Stainless Steel, it is lightweight but cuts cheese smoothly.

As with anything made out of wood, the boards need to be treated before using. In our kitchen we cure the boards with butcher’s block conditioner or with simple mineral oil; If you want yours to last this step should not be optional, and should be repeated as needed. Ideally, the boards should be conditioned every day for a week, and then once a month. Also, bamboo, or any other type of wood, should not be washed in a dishwasher, it will split sooner or later if you do. To wash them just use warm soapy water, do not leave the board soaking. I wash the boards as soon as I finish its use to prevent anything from sticking to it. We have several bamboo cutting boards as we like to host quite a bit, and have been lucky to have all the boards without any cracks due to our meticulous way of keeping it conditioned. I believe bamboo’s life depends solemnly on the care of it. Overall, there has not been any issues with the boards. I will update my review if necessary.

Disclosure: I received this item at a deducted price in exchange for my sincere, and impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on mine, and my family’s experiences with the product. I have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of my review.


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