Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dry Erase Wall Decal, 6 1/2 feet long, by Life Of The Party

Mr. LMRTFY came up with the idea of making our toddler’s homeschooling desk a dry erase desk. The desk is a provisional one as we will be moving soon and do not want to invest on a desk until we see the new space, and that investing includes any kind of fancy paint for it. The Mr had the idea of using contact paper but around the same time I came across this Mr. White Board dry erase adhesive decal.

The paper comes in a roll that is over 78” (6 1/2 feet long) by 17 inches. At first hand it looks like the reposionable vinyl that I use for my small business (, and I’m pretty sure I can use it for it if I wanted; But once I unrolled some, Mr.LMRTFY asked if I had just bought white contact paper because its back looks similar. The paper itself is thicker than contact paper. It can be placed on any flat surface without any issues, and according to the information on the box it is, “totally reusable”. I have not attempted to reuse it or replace it so on that I have to go with what the box says.

The best way to install this decal is to do it slowly, and to peel its backing as you go. It HAS to be installed on a textured free surface. Why? Because if its not it will fall, it simply won’t stick. For our purposes this dry eraser works perfectly. I have tested it with regular dry erase markers and also with liquid chalk markers without any problems. One thing to take into consideration is that the longer the marker is left on the decal without wiping, the most difficult it will be to remove. 

Overall, this decal works great for small projects on non textured surfaces. After Mr. LMRTFY uses it for our son’s desk surface, I will be using the remaining paper for some other projects around the house and for my own business creations. It is one of those items that allows anyone’s creativity to spark up. As we finish the different projects I will add photos.

Disclaimer: I received this item at a discount for my impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on my experience with the product. I have no relationship with the seller. I was not paid, and there were no promises made regarding the outcome of my assessment.

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