Thursday, October 13, 2016


We cannot wait for elections to be over, these last months have been brutal. A lot of Facebook unfollowing, and even a few unfriending (Okay, a lot!) has taken place due to crazy posts and shares that made us question the sanity of those we share our cyber walls with. But there are always those friends who are indeed your friends that you just keep no matter how crazy their political posts might be, and for those close friends we found the perfect gag gift for this season... DemocraTEA!

My order of DemocraTEA arrived quickly after ordering. It had ten tea bags inside: five bags of Hillary ClinTEAn (Vanilla Essence flavored) and five of Donald TEArump (Pure White Tea with Peach; Yes, that is the flavor...). Each set has a depiction of the candidates with evident characteristics like Bill on a donkey, and a scared looking elephant. These tea bags are definitely meant to make anyone laugh no matter who your candidate is, unless you have no humor. We will be having a get together just before Halloween, and I’m sure these teas will be the talk of it. Hopefully everyone will be able to get their politics out of the way with the tea and just enjoy the night.

Disclosure: We received this item for our impartial testing, and assessment. Our opinions are always based on our experiences with the product. We have no relationship with the seller, were not paid, and there were no promises made regarding the outcome of our assessment.




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