Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Organic Vanilla Powder by Sigmeau

 My husband makes pancakes for our son during the weekends, he likes to experiment with flavors but no matters what he ends up using he always uses vanilla. I decided to get this organic vanilla powder from Sigmeau for him to try something new when it came down to his beloved vanilla. It comes in a small one ounce pouch that is conveniently resealable. The natural vanilla powder is made out of ground vanilla beans. The powder has a nice vanilla aroma which is not overpowering. He has also used it in smoothies which gives it a nice after taste, again, not strong but delectable. I thought the once ounce pouch would be gone in one use but no, he has used it several times for pancakes, and for smoothies yet he still has plenty of it left. We would recommend to anyone considering it, the taste is great and does not disappoint. It is a fresh taste.

Disclosure: We received this item at a deducted price in exchange for our sincere, impartial testing, and assessment. Our opinions are always based on our family’s experiences with the product. We have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of our review.


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