Sunday, August 21, 2016

Robot LED Projection Night Light Alarm Clock, by Kingstar

We always joke that our toddler’s bedroom looks like a dance club at night because of all the different lights and projections he has going on. He simply loves his night lights, and it helps him relax enough to fall asleep even those nights which he puts up a fight against the parental unit. He happens to also love robots, so when this robot LED projection clock showed up in his room he was thrilled about it. The robot is ready to be used out of the box as it comes with the required three AA batteries, and a small screwdriver to open the battery compartment. It has the capacity of using a power adapter which is sold separately, it would plug into the back of one of its legs. The robot's colors are blue, white, and gray; It is seven inches tall.

The clock’s projection that is emitted from the robot’s eyes and it will auto shuts off after two minutes of inactivity when using batteries, but it can go up to eight hours when using the power adapter; We really like this function as it saves on the battery life since it auto shuts off. The projected images that are part of the robot are: butterfly, flower, heart shaped flower and a night sky. When changing between images to display, the eyes will serve as a focus button that needs to be rotated until the image looks crisp; The button to change the images is located at the top of the robot’s head. The LED display offers the time in military and standard times with just the press of a button. Touching the buttons around the LED display will make it turn on. It also shows the date, and serves as an alarm clock. The robot’s arms are movable, both can go around freely. Its head also is able to pivot upwards; We did noticed that the eyes cannot be focused if the head is pivoted.

Altogether, we have a very happy son who cannot stop telling everyone about his new robot night light. In a way it feels like a throwback toy as it reminds us about our childhood. It is simple, adorable, and very useful since our toddler has been obsessed about learning to tell time. However, we are a bit confused because the listing mentions, “you can do your own design images” but we both (parents) have played with the robot and cannot figure out how to do so, and the instructions do not mention anything about it. But we did not buy it because of that feature, and since our child does not know about it, it does not changes how he feels about his robot. We are simply curious as how a function like that would work.

Disclosure: We received this item at a deducted price in exchange for our sincere, impartial testing, and assessment. Our opinions are always based on our family’s experiences with the product. We have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of our review.


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