Thursday, August 11, 2016

Women's Polka Dot Plus Size Monokini Swimsuit, Blue, by Xuan2Xuan3

Some months ago an airline lost my luggage with pretty much all of my swimsuits in it, if you are a full figured woman you know how difficult it is to find swimsuits or swim dresses that fit right. I’m no expert on the different names for swim-wear but I consider this swimsuit to be a monokini as the back side of the bottom is on the small side. The swimsuit is comfortable to wear, and offers extra support on the top as it comes with straps that can be added to it. It is a one piece but it has three open spaces under the bosom area which do not expose skin as it is directly under the breasts. There is also a strap located in the middle of the bra part of the swimsuit that can be pulled, it offers some shape and support to the area; This strap can be pulled out by the middle of the three openings that I mentioned. I was playing around with it, and discovered that it can even be pulled up to behind the neck (and tied) which gives the swimsuit a new look. If you do not like that look or like to have straps, this swimsuit offers that option. It comes with the adjustable straps that can be added to loops made out of elastic that are located at the top front and back of the monokini on the inside of it. I have to mention that I have used it several times for going to the pool and in one occasion one of the straps just snapped out, it did not cause any damage, and I was able to place it again right away. Because of how the top is made, it has elastic on top of the bottom area, there wasn’t any “incident exposure”.

The monokini has a little skirt that in my case helps to hide the front upper part of the thighs which I do not like one bit as my recent weight loss can be seen right on that area but it does not offer the same coverage on the back side. The lower back of the monokini exposes a good amount of the buttocks area, if you have a nice one you will love it, as it is pretty enhancing. With this I’m saying that this monokini will not offer a full bottom coverage which I know it is crucial for some. I wouldn’t have thought I would like it but I do as it helps the area look on the flattering side. The whole front side of the monokini has a double layer of fabric that once again, helps enhance the figure. It provides some camouflage to the stomach area.

Overall, this is a very enhancing monokini. It accentuates my curves on the right areas while covering the parts that make me uncomfortable. The only thing I would change is the thinness of the extra straps, I wish it were a bit thicker because I believe if it was there would not be any snapping out. But altogether, I love this swimsuit which was a bit unexpected as I was not completely sold on the polka dot design when I ordered it. For me, this is a true to size piece. Originally, I was concerned that it would be too small but it fits just right. If I had order a size bigger I believe the top area then would have been too loose but keep in mind that in the questions area of the listing the seller advice to order a size bigger.

Disclosure: I received this item at a deducted price in exchange for my sincere, impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on mine, and my family’s experiences with the product. I have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of my review.


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