Thursday, August 18, 2016

Women's Plus Size Polka Dot Flower Print One Piece Swimsuit, by M&Z

The colors and design of this swimsuit are very bright and appealing. When I’m wearing a swimsuit I want to be unobserved so I usually go with black, and boring designs but this one is far from it, and I really like the change. I’m normally a size 18 but I ordered 22-24, and it fits perfectly. The swimsuit accentuates my curves, especially my bust area. It has soft padded cups which provide great support. I most say that when I removed it from its package it had a strong smell which went away after a quick wash (cold water); I have washed the swimsuit twice now and it looks exactly as when I received it, there were no changes in color or any shrinkage. The back of swimsuit has a low back, and it is black; It provides a nice coverage for the area. At the lower front side the swimsuit has a hint of a skirt, I find it difficult to describe, but it gives a playful touch to the bathing suit while hiding a little bit of the upper thighs zone which for me is my biggest zone of concerned when it comes to my body as it clearly reflects my recent weight lost. 

Altogether, I’m very pleased with my new swimsuit. It makes me feel confident and sexy, it is not one of those boring designs that have been my go to, “feel safe”, choices. I’m quite surprised, and happy, with the support it gives my bust, and on how it makes me look in general. This swimsuit is definitely works with my plus size figure. There is nothing that I would change about this bathing suit as it fits as I hoped it would, and it looks beyond what I had expected. Just remember that I did order two sizes up.

Disclosure: I received this item in exchange for my sincere, impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on mine, and my family’s experiences with the product. I have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of my review.


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