Sunday, August 28, 2016

Colorful Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set with Cutting board and Peeler, 7 Knives, by Homeopro

We are part of a small group of friends with toddlers and young children that like to get together. After a scare at one of our friend’s place we decided we needed an eye catching set of knifes that would get the adults attention if it was misplaced or in close proximity to a child. Once we saw this set we knew it was different enough to capture the attention of grown ups. The colors in this set are definitely bright, and eye catching. The set has one cutting board, seven Stainless Steel knives, and one peeler; It is a nice and complete set. Great starter set or an add on set. The knives it comes with area: bread knife (yellow, 8”), carving knife (purple, 8”), chef knife (red, 8”), cheese knife (purple, 8”), paring knife (blue, 3.5”), pizza knife (green, 4.5”), and utility knife (orange, 5”). Each knife has a rubbery handle which is my favorite thing about this set as it provides for a good and secure grip of the knives. The blades are also non stick which is very convenient, and great when it comes to cleaning the knives. It feels good when handling, even with wet hands. The set is super sharp, and comes with protective plastic caps for the tips of each knife; I like the protected tips but I would have loved it if it had complete blade protection. It comes in a nice box where we keep the knives after its use since we use the set only when we have company. The cheese and pizza knives have been a huge hit with out guests because of its uniqueness which also makes it easy to identify for those who are not familiar with the intended use of different knives. The cutting board is a nice add on but it is just an average cutting board. The peeler might look inoffensive but believe me it is sharp and will peel carrots and fingers with the same sharpness. Overall, it is a great set for our intended use. Our knives had no visible damage or scratches but we will be on the look out for any possible issues with the blades and update accordingly. For the current time, all the knives cut nicely, and very easy which means extreme care has to be in effect when using this set.

Remember: These knifes are NOT dishwasher safe.

Disclosure: We received this item at a deducted price in exchange for our sincere, impartial testing, and assessment. Our opinions are always based on our family’s experiences with the product. We have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of our review.


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