Thursday, September 22, 2016

Red Double-Sided "Slow, Children at Play" Collapsible Sign for Yards and Driveways by Essentially Yours

I have no issues accepting that I’m very protective of my child, some might even say over protective but I do not care as long as my child is good, and secure. My husband had bought a “Child at Play” sign some months ago but it was made out of extremely flimsy plastic, and it just kept falling. It became a chore to make sure the sign was still standing while at the same time watching over my son, and that is not what we wanted.

We shared our drive way with other families, so whenever that sign was still standing we witness how drivers were more alert to the their surroundings. While I gave up on that initial sign, I decided to give it a try again and buy a new one. This “Children at Play” sign does not fall easily, in fact it has fallen just once and it was during play. It is a very eye catching sign with its red color, if someone cannot see it they probably should not be driving. Its bold letters are in bright yellow, and black. It has a cute boy looking silhouette of a child which is in white color. I have discovered that the variation of “child” to “children” works wonders as it makes drivers extra aware, they see one child so now they are on the alert for other children which makes them really slow their speed. That was completely unintended but I have to admit that I simply love it. This sign is lightweight enough to transport without any issues.

I also use it during photo sessions with my clients. It definitely provides some ease to their parents to see me taking extra precautions when photographing their children.

Overall, this is a well made sign. It is not flimsy or made cheaply. The sign is made out of durable plastic, and its letters are not sticker paper or anything that can be easily removed or damaged. This sign will be used during snowy days so its brightness, and weather friendliness makes it perfect for our snow loving family. The sign also collapses which is great for storage. The peace of mind that this sign provides me, and my husband, is incredible. I know I cannot control others actions but I can do all in my power to be the Jiminy Cricket on their shoulder, specially when it involves the security of my child, or any child for that matter. It is about being cautious, and reminding others to be as well.

I have been planing on adding vinyl to the sign. I want to add "down" under "slow", and perhaps also add the name of my child to the little silhouette's hat. Whenever I get the chance to do so, I will update my review with a photo of its new look which is not due to anything wrong with the sign but just an attempt to give it some personality (for lack of a better word). 

Disclosure: I bought this sign during a sale which does not affect my impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on mine, and my family’s experiences with the product. There is no relationship with the seller, and there are never any promises regarding the outcome of my review. I do not receive any payment for my reviews. 


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