Monday, September 5, 2016

Helicopter Drone Ball with LED Lights by EpochAir

My husband loves Harry Potter, and as soon as I saw this flying ball it made me think of the movies, and I had to get it for him. I have to say that when it arrived I was a bit skeptical when I noticed the shape of its remote which really is an on/off button that does not do anything else. Still, we both were curious about how it worked. We set it to charge, it took 10 minutes to charge and that charge lasted for almost 10 minutes of play. I have to admit that I probably had more fun with the helicopter ball than my husband. He thought it was cool but I actually find this ball to be a lot of fun. I see it as a levitating ball and it simply amuses me. Our toddler also loves it, he can’t stop giggling but at 4 years old he is too young to play with it or to understand the short life of the battery which for me seems to be a bit frustrating. It comes without any instructions, luckily I remembered reading some on here which allowed us to understand the dynamics of the ball a bit more. The ball has an infrared that allows the user to keep it levitating by placing the hands under the ball without touching it. I’m sure it would be much more fun outside but that is a decision for my husband since he would have to get it registered to do so. The ball also has different color LED lights that make it even more fun to play with it. While checking online my husband also found that any television remote control could be used with the ball, it said it could be used to turn it off by clicking any button of it but, at least our ball, only turns the lights off it does not turn it completely off. It makes a bit of noise because of its blades but nothing that is bothersome.

Overall, this is a fun toy. It requires some space or it will be crashing against everything, we were able to get it about 7 feet from the floor at times, most of the time it was hovering at about 5 to 6 feet from the floor. It crashed many times during the first times but there was no damage to the walls or to the devise itself. There are a few things to consider when buying it as a gift: the package clearly states it is design for children 14 years or older, it lacks instructions but instructions can be found in the listing of the helicopter ball (here on Amazon), and it should be used inside the house as federal laws classify it as a drone which requires the registration of the device or you can face a fine (registered users cannot be younger than 13 years).

Disclosure: We received this item at a deducted price in exchange for our sincere, impartial testing, and assessment. Our opinions are always based on our family’s experiences with the product. We have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of our review.


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