Sunday, September 18, 2016

Selfie Ring Light and 1500mAh Power Bank for Smartphones by Ocathnon

I use my smartphone more for its camera than for making phone calls. I love buying accessories for its camera, and experimenting with its possibilities. This particular gadget is quite interesting. It’s a light (mainly for photography) but it is also a power bank. I use it mainly as a ring light, and it is the reason why I bought it. This ring light is so much more than just a “selfie” light. The ring has 36 LED lights in total, and three different levels of light intensity which I find its what makes the difference between this ring light and others I have bought before that only had one level. I can take a photo with moderate ambient lighting but I can also take a photo in the darkness without any issues with this right light. Also, since its round and without any gaps in the lighting it provides a nice even coverage of the subject.

The ring light clips to the phone easily, and it has rubbery feet inside the clip that protects the phone’s screen from possible scratches from it. At the top of the ring light, it has the inputs for USB out for the power bank (blue LED), the micro USB in for charging the ring light (green LED), the power/control button, and a LED blue/green color indicator light. The lights clips without any issues to both my Note 7, and my husband’s Nexus but if the phones are in their protective cases the bottom of the light covers part of the camera lens. Once the cases were removed there were absolutely no issues, and I was able to photograph freely.

Note 7 with case, see how the bottom covers part of the camera.

Overall, I love using this device as a ring light because it allows me to control the light in better ways than just with the camera flash, while my husband has used it as a power bank and was impressed. This is definitely a fun gadget, a most for anyone who loves smartphone photography.

Note 7 without the case, no issues.

Disclosure: I received this item in exchange for my sincere, impartial testing, and assessment. My opinion is always based on mine, and my family’s experiences with the product. I have no relationship with the seller, and there were no promises regarding the outcome of my review.

Just ambient lighting.

Ring light level 1.                            Right light level 3.

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